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From War Horse to Show Horse

During the last two centuries the Arabian horse has made a triumphant advance around the world and has found new homes on all continents . The love for this horse has established friendships reaching across political and religious frontiers. At the same time a far reaching change happened. The Arabian horse was separated from its master and became a refugee, although a glorious one (Paraskevas).

Today´s show scene is worlds apart from the Bedouin world and horse of the past. Competition is mostly delegated to trainers from the west. It is no more by the human voice that the Arabian horse is mastered.  But by an iron chain with which the head is maneuvered into the air to hold it up in an artificial way, and by a whip.

The time is long overdue for a change. There are different and better ways to present Arabian horses in the public. In handling horses, let us return to the power of the word that was of such great importance for badu society in the past. Also, bring together the horse and its “family”, men, camel, saluqi, falcon, also sheep and goat and present them all in a “Bedouin historical show”. Hopefully the lovers and breeders of the Bedouin horse in Arabia will soon find their own ways to show their rich heritage.

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Above: At the All Nations Cup, Aachen, Germany in 2015.

Right: Back in 1985 at the Asil Cup at Dillenburg, Germany. Messaoud (Madkour X Maymoonah) was shown together with a dromedary. Why not follow this example and develop a new concept of presenting the rich Bedouin heritage in the public?